Frequently Asked Questions

Are The Listings "Live"?

I do my best to ensure that the listings are as fresh as possible, and refreshed at least once per week!

Why Only Dublin & Its Commuter Belt?

For now, is limited to properties in Dublin and the Dublin commuter belt simply because of the time and effort that it would take for me to add listings for more parts of ireland and to keep them updated. However, I might add more areas in the future!

Why No Rentals?

Same answer as to “Why Only Dublin & Its Commuter Belt?”… Because of the time and effort that it would require to upkeep. It is possible that I might also add rentals in the future, but I am more likely to add more “For Sale” properties in other areas of Ireland first.

How Can I Offer The Creator A Job?

Contact me, Cormac Carroll either by email or via LinkedIn:-